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JCM Associates for no jargon accounting and finance solutions. 

Does your accountant deliver something that you understand and can use to enhance your business?

Do you want more communication from them so that you feel they are contributing to your business development? Do you want to reduce expenses, improve your cash flow or cost a new project but do not have the time? 

Do you want someone to deal with organisations such as HM Revenue and Customs for any VAT, PAYE or Tax issues you have?

  Do you understand how important your cash flow is to the future success of your business? Do you know what your current cash position is and are you aware of any approaching cash flow issues where you might need to arrange an overdraft or other temporary cash advance?  This will always be done at better rates if you have time to negotiate.  We can help by speaking to the bank or other re-financing organisations to arrange better rates, grants or facilities? 

Is too much of your cash tied up in stock? Are your customers taking too long to pay? Have your suppliers reduced their credit terms? We can help arrange better terms to relieve your cash flow.  We can review your internal processes and procedures to ensure a more effective cash flow.

Have you grown sufficiently to be considering a higher level financial role within the organisation but are not sure you want make a full time commitment in the current climate? Would you like a business individual to bounce ideas off who has plenty of business and financial experience? Would you like to outsource a finance role within your organisation at a fraction of the full time cost to a person with over 20 years experience in business? 

If so, then give JCM Associates a call. 

We are proud fellows of the
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


JCM Associates